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Monthly must-have: The Assistant

Angel’s June Must-Have

Welcome to Angel’s monthly must-have. A space where we show you what product we’re loving and why we love it. This month we’re letting you in on ‘The Assistant’ - our game changing extension assistant that’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

Welcome to Angel’s June must-have. This month, we’re introducing you to our amazing all-in-one solution for washing, storing and styling your hair extensions: The Assistant. Are you tired of your extensions slipping off the table? Finding loose hairs everywhere? Worried about tangles? Well then, The Assistant is absolutely your new must-have item. Easy to use and perfect for any type of hair extension, it’ll save you time, space and money. Using The Assistant, you’ll be able to hang your extensions anywhere you want and ensure their premium quality is always maintained.

What is The Assistant?

The Assistant is the ultimate hair extension holder. Small, portable and efficient, it’s the ideal item to have at home or in the salon. With its handy suction cups, you can attach The Assistant to your mirror or any flat surface. The Assistant also comes with adhesive tape, so you can even stick it to rough surfaces or on the side of your trolley. This gives you the perfect place to prepare your extensions, anywhere and anytime. It’ll make washing and drying an effortless process, allowing you to keep your extensions feeling clean and looking great. Want to know why we love The Assistant so much? Keep reading to find out why you absolutely need one!

The Benefits

Another pair of hands

Some days, it just feels like two hands aren’t enough to get the job done. While we’d love another pair to hold our extensions in place, we’ve opted for an even easier solution. Super stable and secure, The Assistant can hold your extensions for you. Simply use the suction cups or adhesive tape to stick The Assistant to your mirror or any surface you want. Once The Assistant is attached to a surface, it stays firmly in place, so it’ll be even steadier than a second pair of hands. You’ll be able to hang your extensions in the exact spot you want them, ready to use whenever you need.

No messy work space

Trying to keep hair extensions organised when they’re spread out across a table can be a challenge. It’s easy for them to slip off, become tangled or get mixed up. This can quickly start to make your workspace look disorganised and cluttered. No one wants a messy workspace, which is why The Assistant is an ideal solution. Use it to hang your hair extensions vertically, and you’ll be able to store them much more neatly and efficiently. You’ll also free up more room for other tools and equipment, and create a calm and tidy looking workspace. By keeping your extensions so organised, you’ll be able to work with even greater confidence and ease.

No more hair tangling

Just like your natural hair, extensions can become tangled without proper care. Tangles and knots can damage hair extensions, becoming difficult to repair. That’s why it’s important to prepare them properly, to maintain their fantastic quality. If piled on top of each other on a table, extensions can quickly become tangled. This can either be due to their own strands of hairs knotting, or becoming entwined with another extension. Using The Assistant, you’ll never have to worry about this happening again. With its evenly combed edge, it will keep your extensions’ hairs beautifully smooth and tangle free. The Assistant also allows you room to hang each extension with plenty of space between each one. This will ensure no two extensions ever become entangled.

Holds all types of hair extensions

These days, there are so many different and fabulous types of hair extensions on offer. As amazing as it is to have so many options, different types of extensions often have different needs. Not all equipment is designed with every extension in mind. The Assistant however, is different. With its simple yet versatile design, The Assistant is a terrific way to store and style them all. No matter their volume, thickness or length, The Assistant works perfectly with any size. Its combed edges will also fit any hair type, whether curly, wavy or straight. It’s an all inclusive item, made for all extensions.

We hope you love this month’s must-have item as much as we do. We can’t believe how easy to use, multipurpose, and all around amazing The Assistant is! Trust us, you’ll love including it in your workspace or having one at home. Want to hear about more fantastic items? Tune in next month for a new Monthly Must-have. In the meantime, you can also check out our website and explore our range of top quality, 100% human hair extensions.

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