Conditioner 1 Litre | Angel Extensions

Conditioner 1 Litre

Angel Extensions Conditioner 1litre/1000ml
Formulated for Human Hair
Specially formulated for use with tape extensions - will not harm the adhesive bonds
Will prevent the tapes from slipping out
ANGEL CONDITIONER adds softness to your hair.
It helps to keep hair shiny, tangle free and gives a protective anti-static coating. ANGEL CONDITIONER will help prevent hair from becoming brittle, dry
and matted.
Brush hair carefully with the specially developed ANGEL EXTENSION BRUSH. Please make sure that the hair is completely tangle free before washing.
Before use we recommend a thorough cleaning
of your hair with ANGEL EXTENSION SHAMPOO. Spread ANGEL CONDITIONER evenly with both hands over the wet hair. Dilute slightly with water to get a fine film all over your hair. Let it cure for a few minutes.
Drain off excess water and blot the hair carefully with a towel. Brush hair carefully with the special ANGEL EXTENSION BRUSH into desired style. Please start brushing at the ends of the hair. If you use a hairdryer, please adjust to low heat! High heat would make the hair dry and brittle. The hair would look dull and lifeless. To keep your hair shiny and manageable and to protect it against aggressive environmental influences, please spray daily a fine film of ANGEL REFRESHING CONDITIONER onto your hair.