Shop Hair Extension Accessories in Australia

Shop our accessories to make your hair journey a whole lot easier.

Our most popular accessories include:

Bead Threader

Curl Clips

Silicon Beads 

Weft Thread

We sure do! Our weft accessory start-up pack is perfect for those needing every element for weft extension application, this beauty will help you become a pro at weft application.

Yep, we certainly do! Our Colour Ring and Superior Colour Ring will help you find you perfect colour match.

Our Colour Ring gives you shorter, small samples of our Angel products whereas our Superior Colour Ring allows you to see exactly what you’re going to get (exact length, colour, and texture). Our Superior Colour Ring is the closest sample you can get to the real product.

Our Angel Extension Brush has been designed for everyday use. It’s the perfect brush for getting rid of knots and mats, and maintaining your shiny-looking hair.

Our Angel Extension Sectioning Brush has purposefully been designed for professionals. With boar bristles that polish the hair cuticles as you brush, it makes sectioning hair a whole lot easier.

Our Mannequin Training Head is the perfect addition for those wanting to practice hair extension applications to expand their knowledge. With this training head, you’ll be able to feel completely confident in your ability to apply and remove hair extensions (and even charge a little more for your expertise!). Learn from wherever you like, whenever you like, and become a pro.