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Weft extensions are a collection of hair strands that are sewn together to create a machine weft approximately 60cm wide (they can be cut to size). With this method we create a beaded track in the natural hair and sew the weft to the beaded track.

Our Angel weft extensions are 100% human remy hair. Installed extremely close to the scalp, they provide some of the most natural-looking results.

We offer premium weft extensions in the following sizes:

Machine weft extensions - 24”60cm

Machine weft extensions - 20”/50cm

SlimFit weft extensions - 20”/50cm

Our premium weft extensions are virtually invisible, meaning no one will be able to tell you’re wearing them. Layered flat on the head, they won’t show any bumps and they’ll look completely natural giving you extra confidence.

Swimming can affect the quality of your weft extensions; they can become knotted, or even worse, matted. Swimming in salt or chlorine water can also affect the material that is attaching your extensions to your natural hair. This is why we recommend that you don’t swim with your weft extensions.

In saying that, we know it’s hard to keep away from the water (especially on a warm day). While swimming can affect your weft extensions, there are two different things you can do to prevent this from occurring.

1. Pop a swimming cap on to protect your hair
It might not look flattering, but you’ll thank us later!

2. Dry your hair straight away.
As soon as you get out of the water, the first thing you need to do is grab your hair brush. Gently brush the knots out and dry the bonds as soon as you can. Leaving them wet can lead to further water damage, ultimately ruining the weft extensions. 

3. Apply the right care accessories. 

Spray your extensions with our Angel Refreshing Conditioner before and after to keep moisture in the extensions and treat with our Angel Repair Creme after swimming.

Weft extensions should be removed and reinstalled every 6-8 weeks. Frequently adjusting your weft extensions means that they’ll be less visible as your hair slowly grows out, allowing them to seamlessly blend in. Leaving maintenance for too long will create a gap between the weft extensions and natural hair, eventually leading to breakage and damage.

We always say that care and maintenance of hair extensions are key when it comes to longevity. When caring for your weft extensions, we recommend you use our Angel Shampoo and Conditioner when washing them. This will ensure your hair extensions stay fresh, soft and shiny for future use.

Weft extensions should generally only be washed 2-3 times a week.

1. Separate your tape extensions with your fingers and brush through with a specially designed extension brush.

2. Wet your hair with lukewarm water and apply our Angel Shampoo.

3. Pat in a downwards motion (note: make sure you’re gentle while doing this to prevent tangled hair).

4. Rinse out with lukewarm water and squeeze excess water out.

5. Apply our Angel Conditioner to the second half of the hair to the very ends.

6. Leave Angel Conditioner in and blowdry hair on a medium heat. Brush through gently.

Choosing the right hair products is essential to the lifespan of your hair extensions. View our range of hair care products for healthy-looking, glossy hair.

If you’re a gym lover, a little bit more care for your weft extensions during exercise is vital for keeping them in good condition. Make sure you’re keeping your hair tied back, away from the forehead and neck where most of your sweat accumulates. If working out outside and wearing sunscreen, make sure your extensions do not rub on the sunscreen (this will give the extensions an orange stain). 

Remember to give your hair a little TLC after your workout too. Rinse the sweat out of your hair and apply our Leave-In Conditioner to stop it from becoming dry and matted.

Tangling of hair extensions can happen for a variety of different reasons; not using the correct hair care products, not letting the hair dry properly after washing, not brushing knots out, or product build-up.

View our range of hair care products to ensure your weft extensions are kept in good condition.

While you can go ahead and colour your weft extensions, it’s important to note that doing so can alter the quality of your hair extensions. To ensure they’re long-lasting, it’s best to steer clear of colouring the hair.

If you do decide that you want to colour your hair extensions, we always recommend doing a strand test first. This allows you to see how the hair extensions will react to the colouring brand that you want to use. Hair extensions can be coloured or toned darker, however lightening extensions will most likely ruin the quality.

Weft extensions are not permanent. They can last up to a few months with the proper care, and easily be removed with the help of a professional.

We recommend storing your weft extensions on The Assistant - our second pair of hands that will keep your hair tangle-free and stored properly. 

If you’re looking to store your extensions away for a while, you can store them in our Angel Suit Bag.

We recommend you visit a professional for the removal of your weft extensions. This will ensure your premium hair extensions are removed properly, and your natural hair stays in healthy condition.

Weft extensions are best suited to those with fine or thin hair. Weft extensions add length and volume, making them perfect for those wanting a fuller look.

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Sent from the Heavens: Shop Human Hair Weft Extensions

Changing up your look has never been easier thanks to the magic of hair extensions. And now, you can do it even more seamlessly with our premium range of Weft Extensions! Crafted from 100% human remy hair, they’re long, voluminous and virtually indistinguishable from your natural hair. 

Our aim is to create endless hair styling possibilities by providing a top quality, versatile variety of hair extensions. 

As an industry leader and Australia’s one-stop-shop for hair accessories, we provide a range of 100% remy human hair extensions because we want you to enjoy lusciously thick hair. 

What Are Weft Extensions?

If you’re new to hair extensions, you’re probably wondering what a ‘hair weft’ even is! This term refers to the horizontal strip on which we sew real human hair to create our extensions

These are attached to the root area and applied extremely close to the scalp with silicone beads which keep the extensions secure, protect your natural hair and match your natural colour for an authentically gorgeous appearance. 

The Benefits of Hair Weft Extensions

The benefits of weft hair extensions are endless! Freshen up your appearance without the looming anxiety of long term commitment. They’re seamlessly applied, easily removable and reusable; what’s not to love?!

Are Weft Extensions Better for Your Hair Than Synthetic Extensions? 

At Angel Extensions, we use only the highest-quality materials for our weft hair extensions; we want you to be able to enjoy your accessory as much as possible, for as long as possible! 

Remy human hair is the most desirable material for extensions because, like natural hair, it’s made from keratin. This means you can use heat and other styling products as normal! This gives our extensions a smooth and natural appearance. 

Unlike regular human hair, remy human hair is collected in a way that maintains the hair’s natural alignment and keeps cuticles intact, resulting in smoother, more tangle-free and longer-lasting extensions.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is crafted from artificial materials, including acrylic, nylon and polyesters. These extensions are more distinguishable as a hair piece due to their rigid movement, unnatural shine and their inability to resist heat and other styling products. Most synthetic hair extensions will only last between 1 and 3 months.

Caring for your Weft Hair Extensions

The key to extending the lifespan of your weft hair extensions comes down to how you care for them and the products you use to maintain them. Your extensions should be removed and reinstalled every 6-8 weeks in order to maintain a seamless appearance as your hair naturally grows out. 

We recommend washing your extensions 2-3 times per week with our Angel Shampoo and Conditioner to ensure they stay fresh, soft and shiny. 

Proper storage for your extensions is equally important! Our Angel Suit Bag and The Assistant will keep your weft extensions safe, tangle-free and looking as good as the day you got them. 

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