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Halo Over the Top Human Hair Blend*

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Halo extensions are an easy, one-piece temporary application method that add length and volume to your natural hair. A great choice for first time users, they’re super simple and comfortable for everyday wear. Halo extensions sit gently under the natural hair, secured by a thin invisible wire, making for easy application and removal.

Halo extensions generally last 12 months or longer with the proper care.

Halo extensions are a discreet way to add both length and volume to your natural way. Unless you tell all of your friends, they won’t know!

Halo extensions will not damage your natural hair. While you may feel an added weight onto your head, it won’t pull at your natural hair or cause any breakage. Halo extensions also require minimal application time and are easy to remove.

We don’t recommend swimming with your halo extensions. They’ve been designed to easily be taken out before such activities, and can quickly be put back in afterwards. Please note that if you do decide to go swimming in your halo extensions, they may slip out.

In saying that, we know it’s hard to keep away from the water (especially on a warm day). While swimming can affect your halo extensions, there are three different things you can do to prevent this from occurring.

1. Pop a swimming cap on to protect your hair.
It might not look flattering, but you’ll thank us later!

2. Dry your hair straight away.
As soon as you get out of the water, the first thing you need to do is grab your hair brush. Gently brush the knots out and dry the bonds as soon as you can. Leaving them wet can lead to further water damage, ultimately ruining the halo extensions.

3. Apply the right care accessories. 

Spray your extensions with our Angel Refreshing Conditioner before and after to keep moisture in the extensions and treat with our Angel Repair Creme after swimming.

As a general rule of thumb, halo extensions should be washed every 10 wears. Depending on how often you wear them and what products you use, you may need to wash them more frequently. If you only wear your halo extensions on special occasions, this can be done less.

We always say that care and maintenance of hair extensions are key when it comes to longevity. When caring for your halo extensions, we recommend you use our Angel Shampoo and Conditioner when washing them. This will ensure your hair extensions stay fresh, soft and shiny for future use.

Our halo extensions are made from 100% remy human hair, meaning they can be washed and blow-dried just like your natural hair.

We recommend using the right hair care products to make sure your halo extensions are long-lasting, nourished, and healthy-looking.

View our range of Angel hair care products today.

If you’re a gym lover, a little bit more care for your halo extensions during exercise is vital for keeping them in good condition. Make sure you’re keeping your hair tied back, away from the forehead and neck where most of your sweat accumulates. If working out outside and wearing sunscreen, make sure your extensions do not rub on the sunscreen (this will give the extensions an orange stain).

Remember to give your hair a little TLC after your workout too. Rinse the sweat out of your hair and apply our Leave-In Conditioner to stop it from becoming dry and matted.

Tangling of hair extensions can happen for a variety of different reasons; not using the correct hair care products, not letting the hair dry properly after washing, not brushing knots out, or product build-up.

View our range of hair care products to ensure your halo extensions are kept in good condition.

We recommend storing your tape extensions on The Assistant - our second pair of hands that will keep your hair tangle-free and stored properly.

If you’re looking to store your extensions away for a while, you can store them in our Angel Suit Bag.

Halo extensions can easily be removed. With no heat, glue, or beads necessary during the application, halo extensions can gently be taken off the head.

Halo extensions are the perfect option for those with fine or thin hair. With no damage caused to the natural hair, it requires a safer application method that prevents further hair loss or damage.