Shop U-Tip Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Long-lasting, seamless hair extensions to make you look and feel good.

U-tip extensions are a keratin bonded extension. Keratin bond extensions are small strands of hair that are attached to your own with a keratin protein being melted down and smoothed around your natural hair.

Nano extensions are a type of hair extension that attach to the head with a small bead. Both applications blend in and look seamless in the hair.

With proper care and maintenance, U-tip and Nano extensions can last up to 6 months.

Our extensions are virtually invisible to those around you. Completely seamless, your extensions will look as though they’re a part of your natural hair. No one will notice!

U-tip and Nano extensions can both be washed as regularly as you would your natural hair. This keeps their premium quality and allows them to last longer.

1. Separate your U-tip or Nano extensions with your fingers and brush through with a specially designed extension brush.

2. Wet your hair with lukewarm water and apply our Angel Shampoo.

3. Pat in a downwards motion (note: make sure you’re gentle while doing this to prevent tangled hair).

4. Rinse out with lukewarm water and squeeze excess water out.

5. Apply our Angel Conditioner to the second half of the hair to the very ends.

6. Leave Angel Conditioner in and blowdry hair on a medium heat. Brush through gently.

Choosing the right hair products is essential to the lifespan of your hair extensions. View our range of hair care products for healthy-looking, glossy hair.

U-tips cannot be re-used. They last for 4-6 months before they need to be removed, so that new hair can be reapplied. Nano extensions need to be readjusted and moved up every 6-8 weeks.

We always say that care and maintenance of hair extensions are key when it comes to longevity. When caring for your U-tip and nano extensions, we recommend you use our Angel Shampoo and Conditioner when washing them. This will ensure your hair extensions stay fresh, soft and shiny for future use.

We recommend storing your U-tip/nano extensions on The Assistant - our second pair of hands that will keep your hair tangle-free and stored properly. 

If you’re looking to store your extensions away for a while, you can store them in our Angel Suit Bag.

If you’re a gym lover, a little bit more care for your U-tip/nano extensions during exercise is vital for keeping them in good condition. Make sure you’re keeping your hair tied back, away from the forehead and neck where most of your sweat accumulates. If working out outside and wearing sunscreen, make sure your extensions do not rub on the sunscreen (this will give the extensions an orange stain). 

Remember to give your hair a little TLC after your workout too. Rinse the sweat out of your hair and apply our Leave-In Conditioner to stop it from becoming dry and matted.

U-tip and nano extensions can be coloured. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t get the colour on the bonded area of the hair extensions. This can cause the keratin to break down, eventually leading to the breakdown of the hair. When you rinse the colour out, it’s important to give the bonded area a good wash with our Angel Shampoo. Getting the colour on the keratin attachment is a big no!

No, they’re not. We recommend removing your hair extensions with the help of a professional to ensure their longevity and a healthy state of your natural hair.

U-tip and nano extensions are best suited to those with thin, fine hair. Nano extensions have small rings that are easier to conceal, making them the perfect addition! Feel fabulous and walk with confidence knowing that they’ll look completely seamless.

We recommend having your U-tip or nano extensions installed by a professional. This will ensure correct application and allow you to keep your natural hair as healthy as possible.

We recommend having your U-tip or Nano extensions removed by a professional. This will ensure the hair extensions stay intact and your natural hair stays fresh and healthy.