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Weft & Tape Extensions: Here’s What You Need To Know

Hair extensions are a non-committal way to achieving a hair transformation. Instantly lengthen your hair, dye it purple (rainbow even) or style it so that it’s effortlessly full and voluminous. When it comes to hair extensions, the possibilities are endless. It might even take you a moment to recognise yourself upon looking in the mirror. The freedom to switch up your look is like no other, allowing you to feel both invigorated and excited.

Hair extensions come in many different forms. But today, we’re going to delve straight into weft extensions and tape extensions. Currently, they’re the most in demand hair extensions out there, becoming some of our best sellers here at Angel Extensions. And if like thousands of others, you’re wanting extra thickness, volume and length, while still maintaining that seamlessly natural look - this one’s for you!

What are weft extensions?

Weft hair extensions are created with real human hair. They are sewn either by hand or machine onto a horizontal strip. This horizontal strip is what we call a ‘weft’. These wefts are then attached to the natural hair, and each small portion is sewn and secured to the root area with silicone beads. These silicone beads protect your hair, seamlessly match the colour of your hair and keep the extensions in place. Time is precious, and weft extensions keep your hair from constantly tangling, saving you a load of time when brushing and styling your hair. These are a great go-to! Our Angel weft extensions can be found here.

Why choose weft extensions?

With weft extensions come along many positives. While the creation of beautiful, luscious locks is just one of them, here are a few others.

Provide different levels of thickness

Weft extensions allow you to choose your desired thickness. When thinking about what thickness you want, think about your current hair. Is it curly? Is it sleek and straight? Do you have a bob? It’s important that you get a professional to help. They’ll be able to help you achieve your chosen thickness based on your current hair type, and ensure you feel completely confident in your new look.

Minimal damage to hair

Worried about potentially causing damage to your natural hair through the use of extensions? Worry no more. Beaded weft extensions are sewn into the natural hair, meaning there’s no need for any heat or extra chemicals. Installed in large sections by your stylist, they’re super simple to remove and replace. If you’re wanting to keep your hair luscious, healthy and away from heat, these are a great solution!

Try new styles with no long term commitment

Feel like changing up your look? Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting highlights? Keen on trying a new style for an upcoming festival? If you’re looking to experiment with a fresh, new look, this is the best solution for you. There won’t be any need for damaging hair dyes on your natural hair. Create your killer look without the long-term commitment. Maybe next week you’ll feel like trying something different, who knows?

Flawlessly match your natural hair

When it comes to weft extensions, there’s absolutely no need to worry about having them hang off of your head. When applied by a professional, they’ll be sewn onto your hair correctly, allowing for a completely natural and flawless look. And if you decide not to tell anyone, they won’t even notice. That’s how seamless they’ll appear. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself!

What are tape extensions?

As their name suggests, tape extensions get taped to your natural hair upon application. Attached closely to the roots, they’re actually placed on the natural hair like a sandwich. So, your natural hair gets taped between a pair of tape extensions, creating an instant, strong bond. Lasting between 6-8 weeks before any necessary adjustments, these are the perfect solution for those with thin, fine hair. With a quick application time, tape extensions can give you instant volume and length for a natural-looking end result. It’s important to note that it’s crucial your tape extensions are applied by a professional for the best results. This will help prevent any further breakage and damage to your natural hair.

Why tape extensions?

In under an hour, tape extensions can give you that fuller look you’ve been dying for. Here are a few other reasons why we think tape extensions are fabulous.

Great for those with fine hair

Tape extensions are a great solution for those with thin, fine hair. They allow for extra thickness and volume throughout the natural hair, creating a newfound confidence and lust to life. A great thing to note is that tape extensions lie flat against the head, meaning no extra pressure is placed on the scalp. This reduces the likelihood of any scalp irritations and hair loss, while achieving the voluminous, thick look you desire.

Easy removal

Of all the different hair extensions, tape extensions are the easiest to remove. With the help of a professional and our Angel Extensions Solvent, your hair will be left in a healthy state and free of any damage. Once removed, apply a few drops of our Angel Residue Remover and the remaining residue from the tape extensions will easily come out. Trust us on this one.

Natural looking, seamless

Tape extensions are the perfect solution for those wanting seamless, comfortable results. Completely invisible, they allow you to add both length and volume to your hair, seamlessly blending in for a discreet look. Choose the perfect colour and no one will notice you’re wearing extensions. Unless you tell them, of course. Plus, when it gets a little too hot in Summer, you’ll be able to throw up a ponytail with no issues!

They’re reusable

If you didn’t already know, tape extensions can be reused. And if you’ve had them cut and coloured to match your natural hair already, there won’t be any need to make further adjustments. In our eyes, this is a huge bonus! While they may cost a little more than other options initially, regular maintenance and proper care will allow them to be reusable time and time again. How good is that?!

So there you have it! The details into the world of weft and tape extensions. From here, it’s time to make your decision. What do you think will suit your hair type better? If you’re still struggling to figure out what will be best for you, feel free to get in contact with the team here at Angel Extensions. Send us a DM on Instagram or call us. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible assistance. After all, we want you to look fabulous and feel your absolute best!

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