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How to Blend Your Hair Extensions for a Natural Look

Achieving a natural and flawless look with hair extensions is all about knowing how to blend your extensions. Whether you’re after more length, bigger volume, or a full-on transformation, properly blending your hair extensions will help you achieve the seamless look you’re after. 

We’re here to help with a comprehensive guide of expert tips and techniques for that undetectable finish.

How to blend hair extensions

Blending hair extensions is easy, once you know the steps to do it right. To make your extensions look natural, you’ll need to consider your choice of extensions, hair prep, application, and care. Don’t be overwhelmed – it’s simple, and we’ve got you covered with this guide!

Choosing the right extensions for a natural blend

When it comes to achieving a natural look, set yourself up for success by choosing the right kind of hair extensions. Look for extensions made from high-quality, 100% remy human hair. 

If you have highlighted or balayage hair, consider extensions that mimic those colours for a more natural and dimensional look. We offer a colour matching service via Instagram DM and email, or you can use a colour ring to identify the right colour for naturally blended extensions.

Whether you have fine hair or natural volume, it’s important to invest time and attention into finding the extensions that most resemble your current colour.

How to cut extensions to look natural

The fastest way to take your extensions from zero to hero is to have a professional cut them in order to match the length and layers of your natural hair. This will help create a seamless transition and prevent any visible lines.

Prep your hair for a natural blend

Start by washing and conditioning your natural hair, ensuring it's clean and well-moisturised. This will create a solid foundation for blending the extensions. Use a gentle cleansing shampoo and hydrating conditioner specifically made for extensions. 


Blending different types of extensions

Whether they’re clip-ins, tapes or halo extensions, it’s important to choose high-quality extensions that match your current hair colour. Once you have your correct colour match, you can apply your extensions.

To blend clip-in extensions with your natural hair, section your hair into manageable sections using clips or hair ties. Start sectioning from the bottom, close to the nape of your neck. Gradually work your way up, layering the extensions for a natural look.

If you’re wondering how to blend tape-in extensions, part your hair horizontally and apply the adhesive tape near the roots, sandwiching your natural hair in between.

Halo extensions are the simplest of all – all you need to do is part a circular section around your crown, place the halo string around the crown, and let down the part.

Now that your extensions are applied, you’re ready to style them! 

tape-in extensions


Style your extensions for a natural blend

Learning how to style your hair extensions is key to a natural-looking blend. Once the extensions are securely clipped in or taped, blend them with your natural hair by gently combing and styling both together. Use a wide-toothed comb or an extension hairbrush to avoid tugging or pulling. 

Begin at the ends and work your way up, gradually incorporating the extensions into your natural hair. Style your hair as desired, ensuring the extensions seamlessly integrate with your natural locks. You can curl, straighten, or add waves – the styling possibilities are endless.

If you’re still struggling with blending your hair extensions, curled styles are the way to go. 100% remy human hair can be heat styled just like your natural hair, and we love adding big, loose waves to extensions to blend extensions seamlessly.

Some styles, such as tapes, are better suited to wearing down. If you’re struggling to get the perfect updo, we recommend trying a ponytail extension or halo extension.

For more styling tips and ticks, head to our Dos and Don’ts of Hair Extension Styling guide.

Hair care for a natural, blended extensions

Keeping your extensions healthy is essential to maintaining natural-looking extensions. After you’ve styled your hair, use leave-in products like our lightweight leave-in conditioner or shine serum to keep your hair hydrated and protected.

Want to learn more about hair care for extensions? Read How to Care for Your Hair Extensions for the rundown.

With these tips and tricks, you’re all set to achieve a natural blend with your hair extensions. If you opt for high-quality extensions, properly prep your natural hair, and take the time to blend and style them with care, with a little practice, you’ll be enjoying gorgeous and vivacious locks.

Explore our range to embrace the versatility and beauty that hair extensions offer.

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