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How to Care for Your Hair Extensions: Tips and Tricks

Proper care is super important when it comes to maintaining the glamorous quality, lush appearance, and extensive longevity of your hair extensions. Check out our salon-quality tips and tricks on how to care for your extensions, ensuring they stay beautiful and last longer. From hydration to styling techniques, we’ll guide you through it all.

When in doubt, moisturise

Hydration is key to keeping your extensions looking their best. Since extensions lack the natural moisture from scalp oils, make sure to incorporate serums, conditioners, and leave-in products into your routine. For ultimate nourishment, try a repair crème. Focus on the mid-lengths and ends, avoiding the scalp and bonds area for optimal results.

Add volume with diagonal application

For those with thin or short hair, diagonal clipping using tapes can create a beautiful layered hairstyle. Try applying your tape extensions using the upside-down technique. Tease the front hair, apply a few tapes on the upper head for a natural look, and then work downward, fixing the remaining extensions diagonally. This technique covers any areas of thinning hair, allowing you to achieve the wavy or layered style you desire without altering the extensions' length.

The right brush matters

Remy hair, being delicate, highest-quality human hair, requires a gentle approach. Regular brushes can be harsh and lead to hair loss. Instead, opt for a brush specifically designed for extensions, such as a loop brush, detangling brush, or wig brush. These brushes help prevent pulling and snagging of the wefts, ensuring the longevity of your extensions.

Keep heat styling in check

While it's tempting to use heat styling tools frequently, excessive heat can cause permanent damage to your extensions. Minimise the use of straighteners and curling irons, keeping the temperature below 120°C to preserve the texture and silkiness of your extensions.

If you do want to glitz up your look with some heat, it's important to do so sparingly. This will ensure the longevity and smoothness of your extensions.

Tuck and prep for seamlessness

We all want that seamless blend, but sometimes we need to work some magic to achieve it. Let’s address the hair at the nape of your neck - if it's thick or cut short, you may need a little tuck to refine your look.

Plait or twist the bottom section of your hair and secure it in a small bun. Use as few clips or hair ties as possible when applying the extensions. This technique ensures a smooth transition and a flawless look.

Pre-style for effortless glam

For temporary extensions such as a halo or clip-ins, you may be tempted to get your extensions on in a hurry. Sometimes your best bet is pressing pause, and styling before applying. Styling on the head can sometimes cause damage to the natural hair’s roots or make your extensions look dishevelled, which is the last thing you want!

Instead, try placing the extensions on a hanger and styling them there before they reach your head. That way, you avoid the struggle, achieving glam immediately.

Washing your extensions: how and when? 

It’s important to remember that our extensions, though expertly crafted, are still made from 100% remy human hair, and it’s good to show them love in the right ways.

Washing your wefts is essential in fighting against sweat, dirt, grime and everything nasty. You should only wash temporary extensions every 13 to 18 wears, and ensure you’re using the right shampoo for the job. Alcohol and sulphate free shampoos are great at ensuring your extensions have a long, luscious life.

If you have semi-permanent extensions such as tapes, wefts, and I-tips, you should wash your hair when it’s dirty or greasy to avoid a build-up of product and oil. For most people, this is around 2-3 times a week. Gently shampoo your scalp, being careful not to agitate the bonds or adhesive near your roots, and make sure to follow up with a hydrating conditioner and leave-in treatments.

Showing love for your locks shouldn’t be painstaking, and at Angel Extensions, we’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to keep your glam everlasting.

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