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The Science Behind Our Premium Remy Hair Extensions

What is remy hair?

Remy human hair refers to a specific type of high-quality hair used in hair extensions. Because of the exceptional quality and natural appearance, remy results in the best hair extensions money can buy.

Remy hair is collected in such a manner that ensures that the hair cuticles remain intact and aligned in the same direction. In being collected this way, the hair remains soft, shiny, and tangle-free, maintaining its natural texture and colour and making it virtually indistinguishable from your own hair.

Unlike non-remy human hair, which may have cuticles facing different directions and be prone to tangling and matting, remy hair offers superior longevity and manageability. It can be styled, washed, and treated just like your natural hair, providing a seamless and natural look.

When choosing hair extensions, opting for remy human hair guarantees the highest quality and the most authentic and luxurious results.

But what exactly is remy hair made of? Let’s break down the science. 

Components of human hair

Understanding the scientific components of hair is important in achieving the glamorous structure and appearance you desire. When getting into the nitty gritty of achieving your best look, it can be important to know what to look for in quality hair extensions. 


This is the outermost layer of the hair strand, and is made up of overlapping scale-like cells that protect the inner layers of the hair. The cuticle is crucial in determining your hair's strength, shine, and ability to resist damage.


This is the middle layer where we can find a vital substance called keratin – the hair’s protein, which provides strength, elasticity, and colour to the hair. The cortex is also responsible for creating texture, thickness, and flexibility.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get more complex! The medulla is the deepest layer of the hair strand. It’s important to know that not all hair types have a medulla, and it usually doesn’t have much impact on the hair’s structure or function. It’s usually more prominent in thicker hair strands.

Structure of hair

So why does this matter? In remy human hair extensions, the cuticle is left intact, which protects the inner layers and gives your hair that vibrant and shiny appearance. Showing your remy hair extensions the proper care and maintenance – regular cleansing, conditioning, and protecting the cuticle – is also crucial for keeping them strong and lush!

How is remy hair collected?

Unlike non-remy human hair extensions, remy hair is collected in a very specific manner, ensuring its premium quality. 

Non-remy hair extensions are collected from brushes and from the floor where the hair has already been cut. Because of this the hair cuticles get all scrambled! To remedy this, the cuticles are removed with acid and then the hair is chemically processed with silicone. Although the strands may technically still be human hair, the process doesn’t result in long lasting silkiness. Non-remy hair is infamous for feeling harsh and brittle after a while, and issues such as matting, shedding, and tangling are unfortunately quite common. 

difference between remy and non-remy hair

On the other hand, remy hair is sourced from specific donors who are compensated for their natural hair. Instead of cutting the hair and letting the pieces just fall to the floor, remy hair is typically cut from a ponytail, to ensure that the hair can be gathered in a single bunch. This allows the cuticle to remain intact, resulting in silkier, healthier extensions. 

Myths about remy human hair

Myth: you can’t bleach or dye your remy hair extensions

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Unlike synthetic extensions that have the cuticle removed, remy hair is much more durable and can be dyed, bleached, and toned as you see fit. Be careful though! If you are thinking of dying your extensions, be sure to consult a professional hair colourist. Bleaching and colouring will put stress on any type of hair, and should always be done by a professional to protect your investment.

Myth: You shouldn’t curl your remy hair extensions

Wrong again. Though other hair extensions can be easily harmed by heat, remy hair is real human hair that has not had the cuticle removed. This means that it can handle a lot more wear and tear than non-remy hair is capable of. As always when curling, it's important to be careful – always keep the heat below 120°C to avoid damaging your locks.

What’s so important about remy human hair? 

Here’s the thing. Cuticle and cortex aside, you may still be asking, what’s the big deal?

If you’re investing your time and money into hair extensions, you ideally want them to look as seamlessly integrated into your natural hair as possible. Remy human hair really is unparalleled when it comes to achieving that natural look.

It’s also important to note that remy hair is almost always a better investment. While non-remy human hair will often lose its lustre after a couple washes, remy hair is long lasting and easy to shape and style, delivering you the locks and confidence boost you deserve.

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