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Isolation Removal Pack

$112.00 $76.00
During these trying times, don't let your tapes go unmanaged.  This pack is all you need for the quick, safe, clean removal of your tapes.
This pack includes a FREE product - Repair Cream.

Purchase the Solvent & Residue Remover and you get the Repair Cream FREE of charge.

Simple to use, spray the ANGEL SOLVENT liberally onto the extensions strips gripping the hair. Wait about 15 seconds, the grip will loosen and the extensions will slide out of position.  Remember, only do one sandwich at a time. 

To clean residual glue from your hair, use the Residue Remover - follow instructions on the bottle.  How to video is on our social media @angelextensions
Depending on the condition of your hair and the extension, nourish your hair with the Repair Cream